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Greetings kazanians, was thinking of doing the overnighter train from Moscow to youselves arriving the morning of the match and maybe having a short sightseeing tour around your city before watching the Super Hoops take on the Rubin's of Kazan.
tell us is there anywhere I could go for a bit of an oul pray the afternoon of the game.
Also whats the price of the beer there and what would you reccomend. not interested in spirits cos me Da warned me off that stuff and the cider when i was a youngfella as he said that was mad mens gargle.
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Lee Marvin, don't worry, we can meet you at the railway station and provide an excursion i.e. sightseeing alcotour . You just let me know beforehands what time you arrive.
And don't forget to take some extra ultras-scarves, for exchange and warmth
speaking about local beer, we'll show you couple of places with locally brewed beer. prices are about 2-6 pounds.
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