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Post Hello everybody!

We are the Rubin Kazan fans and we speak English.
You can write anything, ask anything and express anything.
Yet keep in mind that you're guests here. Welcome!

You don't need registration to post here.

No Russian! Никакого русского. Only English.

About the route to Kazan: There are some flights from some of european cities straight to Kazan (via Lufthansa for example) but it's no lowcost anyway. It's better to get to Moscow first, you can spend some time there siteseeing. You get to Kazan by plane or train. Plane prices begin with €110-130 (1, 2, 3, 4 - 90 min, transfer to city center ~€15-20). Train - 11,5-13 hours of travelling through the night for ~€12[sitting]-22[open space sleeper]-50-100[4 person coupé]-150-330[2 person coupé] (3 minutes from the railway station to the nearest cheap hotel, 6 min to the stadium, 10 min to the ancient Kremlin). Neither buses nor automobiles are recommended for the transfer, no sense.

Taxis whithin the city are cheap (2 hours of sightseeing for €10; situation might change by that time due to new legislation), you will need to use them as it's quite cold this time of year. Don't forget to take warm clothes, you can face up to -20C if you're lucky enough. Though the game would be cancelled or moved somewhere south if the temperature is -15C or lower. The temperature may vary from these negative numbers up to +15C, check the weather forecast before leaving.

About violence: You'll most probably not face it if you don't go to the suburbs late night showing off with your brand new Burberry, Rolex and tight wallet. Just like anywhere.

Speaking globally:
- Russians like Ireland and the Irish, heard something about IRA and Ulster, some listen to Irish folk music (drinking songs especially ) and celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. Irish pubs are quite popular though mostly they're expensive and are not daily visited. There are some in Kazan as well.

- Russians like England and the English, heard something about the Queen, know (and some even support) about Chelsea (obvious), Tottenham (Pav) and Everton (Bill). Russians like drinking tea which is claimed to be English, adore Beatles and Guy Ritchie, are sure that Livanov-Holmes is the best and confuse England and UK. English is the most widely spoken foreign language. Approximately 99% know that "London is the capital of Great Britain" as it's the first phrase to be learnt in schools =) Russian ultras and hools culture is based on British films such GSH and Football Factory.
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